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Option 2 – Reuse and Refill

The following actions, individually or collectively, will contribute to achieving the outcomes of reducing the environmental impacts of Rigid PET non-packaging thru the adoption of reuse and refill formats.

Available Courses of Action

  • Action 1 – Consider Reusable Packaging Solutions

Action 1 – Consider Reusable Packaging Solutions

Reusable packaging provides an innovative approach to reducing the environmental impact of single use packaging. Although logistics and other operational considerations are frequently identified as a key challenge to adopting reusable packaging, the historical acceptance of reusable packaging is driving a resurgence in exploring this sustainable packaging alternative.

The following use case(s) provide examples of where reusable packaging has been demonstrated for rigid non-PET packaging.

Use Cases
Use CaseInnovationApplication Release to Market
Friendlier | Single-Use TakeoutReplace single-use takeout food container with reusable PP containerInstitutional Food Service; various retail food products2020

Supporting Resources

Useful resources to consider as you explore applying one or more of the above actions to rigid non-PET packaging include:

General Information
  • National Reuse Program Pilot March 2024
    Circular Innovation Council

    Circular Innovation Council will be designing and delivering a first-of-its-kind national reuse program aimed at eliminating single use plastic waste. This program is supported by a coalition of national grocery retailers including Metro, Sobeys, and Walmart Canada, and with support from Environment and Climate Change Canada and the City of Ottawa. This  will be the largest collaborative reuse program in Canada.

    Starting with the delivery of a reusable food container pilot planned for launch in Ottawa in mid 2024, this national program will demonstrate scalable, convenient, and permanent solutions to reducing single use plastic packaging through innovative, collaborative reuse models.

  • Guidance for Reusable Packaging 2022
    Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC)

    Identifies key goals and assumptions for desiging more successful reusable packaging programs. Defines reusable packaging, highlights key questions and design criteria for consideration, and provides examples of best practices.

  • Study on Reuse and Refill of Plastic Packaging: National Ecosystem Scan 2023
    CPPThis Canadian study highlights the opportunities to implement reuse and refill systems as a way to reduce the amount of single-use plastics and move towards a more circular economy for plastic packaging.
  • Reuse – Rethinking Packaging 2019
    Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) – New Plastics Economy Initiative

    This Guide helps in understanding Reuse models by identifying key benefits, and mapping 69 examples. It includes the evaluation of over 100 initiatives, and interviews with over 50 experts. Descriptions of how different reuse models work, and typical implementation challenges are provided.