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Option 1 – Elimination

In This Section

The following actions, individually or collectively, will contribute to achieving the outcomes of reducing the environmental impacts of rigid non-PET packaging thru elimination and minimization.

Available Courses of Action

  • Action 1 – Direct Elimination re Selling Product Loose (for produce packaging)
  • Action 2 – Innovative Elimination
  • Action 3 – Packaging Minimization

Action 1 – Direct Elimination (e.g., Selling Product Loose for produce packaging)

Offering product loose provides an important but challenging opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. Balancing the reduced environmental impacts of packaging against the impacts of distribution, sale and use of product, while meeting quality expectations, remains a key challenge.

The following use case(s) provide examples of where elimination has been demonstrated.

Use Cases
Use Cases are currently being identified and reviewed

Action 2 – Innovative Elimination

The innovative elimination of packaging involves displacing the current packaging with alternative technology which provides the benefits of packaging while not incurring any of the environmental impacts. Unlike substitution, which seeks to replace one form of packaging for another, innovative elimination achieves the benefits of current packaging while eliminating its environmental impacts.

The following use case(s) provide examples of where innovative elimination has been demonstrated.

Use Cases
Use Cases are currently being identified and reviewed

Action 3 – Packaging Minimization

Packaging minimization involves reducing the packaging mass while maintaining the current level of packaging functionality. A common form of packaging minimization is light weighting – reducing portions and/or the entirety of the packaging mass.

The following use case(s) provide examples of where packaging minimization has been demonstrated.

Use Cases
Use CaseInnovationApplication Release to Market
Omnia PackagingLighter-wall PP containers and top-seal serving as tamper-evident seal minimizes material useDairy (yoghurt, cheese)2023

Supporting Resources

Useful resources to consider as you explore applying one or more of the above actions to rigid non-PET packaging include:

General Information
  • A Roadmap to Strengthen the Management of Single-Use and Disposable Plastics 2022
    Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME)This Roadmap seeks to reduce the negative environmental and socio-economic impacts of single-use and disposable plastics by listing priority items to consider for elimination, including select film and flexible packaging used in food and produce sectors, and specific packaging forms such as woven and net produce bags.
  • Why “Elimination” Won’t Solve the Packaging Pollution Problem 2022
    Flexible Packaging Association (FPA)

    Highlights that while some plastic packaging can be eliminated or reduced, most packaging plays the vitally important role of protecting and preserving the efficacy of products and eliminating food waste. And that shortsighted elimination policies will not solve the problem and, in many cases, will result in more environmental harm.

Packaging Minimization