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Option 2 – Reuse and Refill

The following actions, individually or collectively, will contribute to achieving the outcomes of reducing the environmental impacts of flexible packaging thru the adoption of reuse and refill formats.

Available Courses of Action

  • Action 1 – Consider Reusable Packaging Solutions

Action 1 – Consider Reusable Packaging Solutions

Reusable packaging provides an innovative approach to reducing the environmental impact of single use packaging. Although logistics and other operational considerations are frequently identified as a key challenge to adopting reusable packaging, the historical acceptance of reusable packaging is driving a resurgence in exploring this sustainable packaging alternative.

The following use case(s) provide examples of where reusable packaging has been demonstrated.

Use Cases

Use CaseInnovationApplication Release to Market
GoatoteReturnable Shopping BagVarious2021
Refill CoalitionStandardized, open-source refill system collaborationAmbient dry goods (cereals, rice, pasta, nuts, seeds, dried fruit etc.)2023

Supporting Resources

Useful resources to consider as you explore applying one or more of the above actions to flexible packaging include:

General Information

Reusable Packaging Guidelines