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Project Zapora
Brand(s) Multiple retailers Packaged Product(s) Fresh-cut protein
Market(s) North America, EU Release to Market(s) 2022
Manufacturer Klockner Pentaplast (kp) Material(s) PET Trays
Summary Available in wide range of kp trays Provider reports:
  • “market-leading” combination of liquid retention and pack strength
  • Pad removal increases production line efficiency
  • Improved customer experience by being easy to rinse and recycle, without contact with juices
  • For energy efficiency trays are optimised for weight reduction, and made with recycled materials.
  • Pack sizes are designed to be as efficient as possible, which includes transportation and storage.
  • Trays designed with de-nesting features and ribbing to ensure the strongest and most reliable pack, which uses the least amount of material.
  • Made using up to 100% recycled PET
  • Can include kp Tray2Tray content (closed loop)
  Complies with GDR#5: ensuring material choice is not problematic for recycling