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Windset Farms

Project Windset Farms
Brand(s) Packaged Product(s) Bell Peppers, Sweet Pointed Peppers, Mini Peppers, Mini Cucumbers, Eggplants
Market(s) Canada, US Release to Market(s) 2021
Manufacturer Pacty Flexible Packaging Solutions Material(s) Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) bag
Summary Performance testing included packer and key retailers: -ensuring sufficient material gauge, including for handle component -shake test -packing test -shelf -ife test by Quality Assurance (QA) team -evaluated for visual clarity/consistency from a marketing perspective Aim is for all eligible products to be offered in this format by April 2024 Complies with GDR#6: Increase Recycling Value in Flexible Consumer Packaging Follows Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Green Guides when applying the “at least 20% less plastic than our previous bag” claim.  Complied with key retailer request to only run this on-pack claim for 6 months. Brand owner reports that the 20% reduction equates to approximately 108,000lbs of plastic per year.
References (2012) Federal Trade Commission Green Guides: