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Project Sustana
Brand(s) Various, including Kodiak, Purely Elizabeth, Starbucks Packaged Product(s) Various
Market(s) North America Release to Market(s) Early 2000s
Manufacturer Sustana Fiber Material(s) food trays, tubs, lightweight wraps, aseptic beverage containers, product pouches and microwaveable sleeves for both refrigerated and frozen food products
  • Usage supported by a No Objection Letter (NOL) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stating the fiber “is of a purity suitable for food-contact use.”
  • EnviroLife® can comprise 100% of food and beverage packaging without a barrier and is compliant with FDA standards for food grade packaging for contact with all types of food under all conditions of use
  • Manufacturer reports constant market fluctuations within the virgin and recycled fiber markets, with periods where virgin fiber costs more than recycled fiber, and vice versa.
  • Manufacturer reports that paper mills using Sustana Fiber’s recycled products experience no changes in converter or molded fiber operations.
  • Manufacturer reports recycled fibers offer print performance equal to that of papers containing only virgin fiber
  • Third-party reviewed LCA (download from website) shows considerable environmental impact benefits (e.g., global warming potential, water availability/quality etc.) of recycled fiber compared with virgin fiber
  • Recycled fiber products are FSC-certified, which can be communicated on-pack when FSC-certified converters and printers are used; brand owners can provide the % recycled fiber that’s been included in a particular package.