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Sonoco Material Substitution

Project Sonoco Material Substitution
Brand(s) Bisto Packaged Product(s) Dry food products
Market(s) UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland Release to Market(s) 2022
Manufacturer Sonoco Material(s) Paper Can
  • Provider design team worked with coatings and global film suppliers to test and trial product safe food contact layers that would deliver the appropriate lightweight oxygen and moisture barrier, which contribute to extended shelf life.
  • See provider-reported LCA findings which compare this solutions to other functional equivalents, including Sonoco’s paper can with steel bottom
  • Provider reports that to validate the successful repulping of paper cans, pulping trials were conducted in Europe and US, showing that more that 85-95% of the fiber was recovered in the pulping process.
  • Provider reports can is made with approx 40% virgin fibre, 60% recycled fibre
  • Provider reports containers produced with fibre certification (FSC, PEFC, SFI)
References (2021) Related White Paper with LCA findings: