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Project Sonoco
Brand(s) Nestle Packaged Product(s) Frozen Prepared Foods
Market(s) North America Release to Market(s) 2022
Manufacturer Sonoco Material(s) Rigid PET Tray
  • Manufacturer claims new product maintains microwaveability, ovenability and frozen impact standards, and meets strict guidelines to ensure the quality and safety of the product
  • Crystallized PET (CPET) is unpigmented (= not opaque) and manufacturer reports a wider range of end-markets than material made with carbon black.
  • Manufacturer reports elimination of 80,000 lbs of black colourant (annual), and use of 30% rPET
  • Natural tray allows for How2Recycle (H2R) “check locally” designation in US; PET is widely recyclable in Canada – need to validate how much actually gets recycled due to challenge of look-alike with coloured PET.
References (2022) Case Study (2022) CSR Report, see p. 35