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Project Printpack
Brand(s) Pacific Coast Producers Packaged Product(s) Diced Fruit Cups
Market(s) USA Release to Market(s) 2023
Manufacturer Printpack and ExxonMobil Material(s) Rigid Thermoformed Cups
  • Provider (ExxonMobil) reports PP feedstock provides same performance as virgin equivalent, with no contamination or degradation
  • Converters can use the feedstock as normal, no requalification required
  • ISCC PLUS is a voluntary scheme which uses a mass balance approach to validate the amount of plastic waste used
  • Provider commissioned cradle-to-gate LCA work, the findings of which include: advanced recycled material shows 19-49% lower GHG emissions than processing the same amount of virgin fossil-based feedstock.
  • For comparison this study looked at 8 US advanced recycling facilities producing PE, and also shows a GHG benefit for advanced recycling.  Note that other studies, and articles like this one, question the environmental benefits of advanced recycling
  • Converters reports fruit cups are recyclable, while containing 30% certified circular (advanced recycled) material.
References (2023) Packaging World article ExxonMobil Exxtend Technology with link to carbon footprint assessment ExxonMobil youtube video Cyclyx consortium Cyclyx (2022) Consumer Goods Forum: Assessing the Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Post-consumer Plastic Film Made from Plastic Waste Through Pyrolysis-based Chemical Recycling Technologies