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Project Packnatur
Brand(s) Jac. Vandeberg Packaged Product(s) Fresh produce (citrus, avocado, onion, others)
Market(s) USA, EU Release to Market(s) 2020
Manufacturer Packnatur Material(s) Open mesh non-woven bags
  • QR code on the netting tag provides consumers with information about the package — such as the package’s carbon footprint, guidance on to how to compost at home and where to find an industrial compost facility nearby
  • Manufacturer reports materials are food safe, moisture regulating.
  • Manufacturer claims spun dyed natural fibres show significant CO2 reduction compared to traditional dyed fibres.
  • Manufacturer states netting made 100% from beechwood recovered from thinning of FSC- or PEFC-certified forests.
  • Manufacturer states that the netting is fully home compostable – TUV OK Home Compost certified and Lomi (home compost appliance) approved. Also meets BPI composting certification standards.
References (2023) BPI certification listing