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Project IFCO RPCs
Brand(s) Growers: Algoma Orchards, Vineland Growers, BC Tree Fruit, BC Fresh Vegetables, ATV Farms, Procyk Farms, Mucci Farms, Westmoreland Processors: Veg-Pro & Ippolito; Retailers: Loblaw, WM Canada, Metro, Hello Fresh (Canada and US) Packaged Product(s) Fruit and Vegetables, Organics, Bakery, Dairy & Eggs, Meat, Fish
Market(s) Global Release to Market(s) 1992
Manufacturer IFCO Material(s) Various types of high-density polypropylene (HDPP) container
  • Complies with GDR#8: switch to reuse and using post-consumer recycled content – containers removed from circulation sent to container manufacturer, smart tech removed, containers recycled, feedstock used in new containers: company reports the average reutilization of recycled material content in crates increased to 27% in 2022
  • Global supplier with high levels of European produce sector adoption; on-the-ground Canadian support, including wash centre operations.
  • Easy to build-up containers, no equipment needed.
  • Supplier reports containers not affected by moisture during wash cycles; claims better ventilation, product cooling
  • Supplier reports containers built to flex, resist breaking, chipping, shattering, and that product protection (i.e., food waste prevention) is better than alternatives (see p.19 in LCA).
  • Wash process and all containers approved for use in certified organic operations under USDA National Organic Program (recognized in Canada).
  • Environmental monitoring program to ensure wash and sanitization processes meet industry standards, and FDA/EPA regulations, for containers used for food product transport: includes ATP testing, environmental swabs by independent lab.
  • Supplier has all data required for CanadaGap food safety audits for fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Every new container made with smart technology: embedded RFID, 2D data bar; human-readable code
  • Supplier reports cost-competitiveness with alternatives.
  • Meta-LCA findings in this report indicate preferability of reuse systems, compared to single-use systems.