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Project Goatote
Brand(s) Walmart, Loblaw, Pet Smart, Target, CVS, Co-op Packaged Product(s) Various
Market(s) North America Pilots: Canada (Ontario); US (New Jersey, California) Release to Market(s) 2021
Manufacturer Goatote Material(s) Non-woven PP shopping bag
  • See Canadian Regulation on import, manufacture and sale of single-use plastic checkout bags.
  • Solution replaces single-use plastic bag, a commonly found litter
  • Provider reports bags are larger than typical single-use option, 3rd party tested for capacity/durability, made with 40% recycled content, designed for repair, verified China source.
  • Solution delivered via in-store kiosk or at checkout
  • Bags collected, washed, sterilized and returned to store; provider assessing washing techniques to filter micro-plastics.
  • Provider reports kiosk-based pilots with over 90% return rates
  • Cost to consumer (per use or subscription); cost to retailer – aim is cost neutrality.
  • For consideration: UNEP LCA reports non-woven reusable bag is preferred to a single-use plastic bag after 10-20 uses – this may vary for Goatote bag.
References Detailed insights on US pilot: LCA: United Nations Environment Programme (2020). Single-use plastic bags and their alternatives – Recommendations from Life Cycle Assessments.