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Genera PS substitutes

Project Genera PS substitutes
Brand(s) Nature Fresh Farms Packaged Product(s) mini-cucumbers
Market(s) North America Release to Market(s) 2023
Manufacturer Genera Material(s) tray
  • Provider reports trays are FDA approved for food contact, manufactured in a GMP compliant facility.
  • Provider reports incremental cost increase, which may be offset by benefits such as shorter supply chain (manufacturing in US) and/or the appeal to consumers who value sustainability.
  • Provider notes the trays perform well on automated fill lines, sealed with stretch wrap with label.
  • Third-party verified, ISO-compliant life-cycle assessment (LCA) shows environmental impact reductions in comparison to functionally equivalent trays using other materials, such as wood and XPS.
  • Trays are made with miscanthus, which provider reports is a drought-resistant perennial grass with comparatively high yields that sequesters carbon, and improves soil and groundwater quality.
  • Recyclability tested and certified by Western Michigan University (WMU); recycling symbol embossed