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Project Envirowrapper
Brand(s) Bollore Logistics, Purolator, Pepsi Frito-Lay Canada, Save-on-Foods Packaged Product(s) Carbonated and non-carbonated beverage, any palletized product
Market(s) Global Release to Market(s) 1998
Manufacturer Amici Enterprises Inc. (Trademark – Envirowrapper – The Reusable Pallet Wrapper) Material(s) Extruded woven 100% polypropylene wrap
  • Complies with GDR#8: switch to reuse models
  • Manufacturer reports that Envirowrapper does not cling to other pallets, which reduces rips, pulling and tipping.
  • Key to success is storing/locating wraps in the right place to make it easy for loaders; whole team on the floor needs to be trained on how the system works.
  • Manufacturer estimates pay-back period for up-front investment at roughly 6 months if used daily; with proper use and care designed for approximately 3 to 5 years of use.
  • Can be recycled at end-of-life
  • A 2021 life cycle assessment (see SWAP report below) found that a reusable pallet wrap solution (similar to Envirowrapper) passed ISTA transit tests, and offered a break-even point at approximately 50 uses, compared to a 100% virgin linear stretch wrap.
  • SWAP report notes: “reusable solutions can be scaled most easily when used in a closed loop supply chain and logistics system, and/or there are methods to track the movement of the wraps to ensure that they are reused in open loop systems.”
References Stretch Wrap Alternative Project (SWAP)