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Dainty Foods

Project Dainty Foods
Brand(s) Les Ailments Dainty Foods Packaged Product(s) Rice
Market(s) Canada Release to Market(s) 2021
Manufacturer Emmerson Packaging Material(s) PE block bottom bag
  • Dainty is Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified: package meets all food safety, quality, and security criteria.
  • PCR material certified food safe by FDA
  • Health Canada letter of no-objection (LONO) issued for film structure to be used for food packaging.
  • Manufacturer addressed various product characteristics (e.g., oils, humidity) that can be hard on materials.
  • Manufacturer reports some recalibration of equipment required in setup to account for new material, but overall minimal complexity added to production.
  • Brandowner reports multiple trials required to get right film structure
  • Complies with GDR#6: conversion to mono-material
  • Demand for PCR supports viable end-markets, prevents valuable material from going to waste
  • Use of PCR reduces GHG emissions compared to same package with virgin material
References Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) Design for Recycled Content Guide