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Coca-Cola FEMSA

Project Coca-Cola FEMSA
Brand(s) Packaged Product(s) Carbonated and non-carbonated beverage
Market(s) Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, South Africa Release to Market(s) 2018 (Brazil)
Manufacturer Coca-Cola FEMSA Material(s) Rigid PET bottle
  • Reported that Coca-Cola invested $25 million unifying bottle design, $400m expanding reuse infrastructure (cleaning and refilling).
  • Logistics and storage are simplified with a single bottle design across brands, reducing costs and improving efficiency.
  • Returnables outperforming single-use in Germany and parts of Latin America, where reusable bottles represented 27% of transactions in 2020.
  • Returnable solution typically costs less for the consumer.
  • Reported that in 2019, the year after launch, Coca-Cola produced 1.8 billion fewer bottles.
  • Reported 90% less plastic use.
  • Complies with GDR#1 re: colour and labelling to maximize recyclability.
  • Solution replaces single-use plastic bottle, a commonly found litter
  • Compared to single use PET bottles, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 47%. Even with washing factored in, water consumption reduced by 45%.
  • Lower prices and a reward system for returned bottles drives a return rate above 90% and a 15% higher likelihood of repurchase.
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