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Coca Cola

Project Coca Cola
Brand(s) Packaged Product(s) Carbonated and non carbonated beverage
Market(s) Canada, US Release to Market(s) 2022
Manufacturer Coca Cola Material(s) Rigid PET bottle
Summary Complies with GDR#1 – clear rigid PET is preferred over transparent coloured PET for recycling. Coca-Cola says it is working to combat the rPET supply issue by building a pipeline of high-quality plastic that can be used for food packaging such as new PET bottles, as well as non-bottle thermoforms such as deli, bakery and produce containers, cake domes, trays, cups, etc. Green and other transparent coloured rPET tends to be used in fibre applications (carpets, clothing, fiberfill stuffing for soft furnishings), or other uses like strapping for shipping containers, car trunk liners, and other industrial applications. NAPCOR report on PET LCA For consideration: single-use plastic bottles are a commonly found litter item.
References (2022) Supply Chain Dive (2022) NPR APR Design Guidelines for PET packaging