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CLAF Bio Fabric

Project CLAF Bio Fabric
Brand(s) Packaged Product(s) Fresh produce fruit and vegetables
Market(s) North America, Europe Release to Market(s) 2022
Manufacturer CLAF Bio Fabric Material(s) Open mesh non woven bags
  • Manufacturer reports same safety and quality performance as fossil-based non-woven mesh bags
  • Manufacturer reports materials are strong, breathable, and water and chemical resistant.
  • Manufacturer reports that bags are compatible with existing manufacturing equipment.
  • Biobased PE mesh has identical mechanical properties to the current bags.
  • Biobased films considered 100% recycle ready.
  • Complies with GDR#6 – increase value in flexible consumer packaging
  • Meta LCA work comparing biobased to fossil-based polymers found it was not possible to conclusively declare any polymer type as having the least environmental impact in any category
  • USDA Bio Preferred Product 96% plant-based materials.
References LCA meta-study comparing biobased and fossil-based plastic