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Cascades Inopak

Project Cascades Inopak
Brand(s) Maple Leaf Foods Packaged Product(s) Fresh protein
Market(s) Canada, US Release to Market(s) 2022
Manufacturer Cascades Inopak Material(s) Tray
  • Complies with FDA and Health Canada requirements.
  • Manufactured at Safe Quality Food Institute-certified facility.
  • Manufacturer reports that rolled edges reduce the risk of tearing when using shrink-wrap, helping prevent food waste
  • Tray requires absorptive pad: see this rPET tray design that eliminates the pad which consumers prefer not to handle.
  • Complies with GDR#1: use of clear PET
  • Manufacturer reports How2Recycle has prequalified these trays as widely recyclable in Canada and in limited US communities.
  • Manufacturer reports the use of 100% recycled PET in the production of this tray reduces its impact on climate change by 69%, compared to the production of a tray with virgin PET.
  • This LCA compares various packaging materials, including rPET, in meat trays.
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