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Braskem Biobased HDPE

Project Braskem Biobased HDPE
Brand(s) TBC Packaged Product(s) Milk
Market(s) North America Release to Market(s) TBC
Manufacturer Braskem (Iā€™m Green product) Silgan Plastics Material(s) Clear HPDE jug
  • Consistent with GDR#7: increase recycling value in rigid HDPE
  • FDA letter-of-no-objection (LONO) for use of food-contact PCR
  • Drop testing and overflow capacity testing done regularly during production to ensure performance
  • Neck dimensions and bottle dimension inspected in-line to ensure no warping and material flashing issues
  • Biobased and virgin HDPE mix well as they have the same chemical make- up; HDPE can accommodate up to 96% biobased material ā€“ the balance for colour, additives.
  • Performance is identical to virgin material
  • Cost premiums for biobased material
  • See 2023 Braskem position paper that addresses key issues of land use, use of primary crops, impact on food prices and biodiversity.
  • See FAQs which includes information on ethical sourcing
  • Silgan Plastics conducted streamlined LCA for 30% biobased HDPE compared to virgin HDPE (Indicators are Emissions, Fossil Fuel Use, Water Use)
References (2023) Braskem position paper on land and biomass use for food, raw materials and fuels: