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Project Axipolymer
Brand(s) n.a. Packaged Product(s) Various
Market(s) North America Release to Market(s) 2023
Manufacturer Axipolymer Material(s) Flexibles PE packaging
  • Secured 2021 Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) approval via the Design Recognition Program
  • For applications that require moderate barrier properties tie layer is not required – thus reducing environmental impact of the final product.
  • Allows smaller manufacturers to offer high barrier performance with a 3-layer solution
  • Letter of non-objection (LONO) obtained from Health Canada for indirect food contact applications at room or lower temperatures, allowing solution to be the core layer of food-contact applications.
  • Provider reports that solution does not compromise product shelf life.
  • Suitable for products sold in flexible PE packaging
  • Technology designed to avoid additional CAPEX investment for film or food producers
References Axipolymer Brochure – 2022