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Refill Coalition

Project Refill Coalition
Brand(s) M&S, Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado (online) Packaged Product(s) Ambient dry goods (cereals, rice, pasta, nuts, seeds, dried fruit etc.)
Market(s) UK Release to Market(s) 2023
Manufacturer Refill Coalition Material(s) Standardized Vessel (Dispenser) + consumer-owned container
  • Solution eliminates need for flexible and rigid single-use primary packaging required for these products.
  • Provider reports vessels are compliant with all UK/ EU regulations on food hygiene.
  • Provider aims to reduce single-use packaging food waste linked to damaged packaging in transit, packaging print errors and oversupply for promotions.
  • Provider modelling shows solution will allow retailers to profitably run refill sections.
  • Provider notes solution is based on open-source standardization (like a beer keg or pallet), and rapidly scalable once proven.
  • Solution designed to minimize in-store labour.
  • Aim is to have the same vessel carry multiple product types, as this drives volume and reduces complexity of return logistics.
  • Solution aims to futureproof the supply chain with respect to emerging Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policies.
  • Solution helps customers reduce single-use packaging in a simple, hygienic way.
  • Customers can purchase just the quantity they need, which may reduce food waste at home.
  • Customers receive a printed label at point of sale, showing all the legally required information. Retailers can further customize as desired.