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Recycled Paperboard Technical Association

The Recycled Paperboard Technical Association is a non-profit association that brings together the expertise of paper mills worldwide that manufacture products from at least 90 percent recovered fiber. RPTA is dedicated to the improvement of the recycled paperboard industry.

AFPA Design Guidance for Recyclability

Paper-based packaging is recyclable. Some non-fiber elements that are applied to paper-based packaging, like barrier coatings or adhesives, may create challenges for paper mills to recycle. With increased interest among consumer products companies to provide more recyclable packaging for their customers, the paper-based packaging industry recognizes the opportunity to bring clarity to how packaging gets […]

Carton Council “101”

Cartons are a type of packaging for food and beverage products you can purchase at the store. They are easy to recognize and are available in two types—shelf-stable (also known as an aseptic carton) and refrigerated (also known as a gable top carton). Cartons are mainly made from paper in the form of paperboard, as […]

Educating on the Differences Between PFAs and PPAs

This article highlights the differences between polymer processing aids (PPAs), such as fluoropolymers, from PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), which traditionally are used as grease-proof coatings in paper food packaging.