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Packaging Design for Recycling: A Global Recommendation for Circular Packaging Design

This resource considers a holistic view of packaging as essential for sustainable pacakaging development – including delivering on a circular economy and the reduction in the sources of ecological impact on the environment. Design for recycling is part of circular product design and represents an important basis for holistic sustainable assessment.

The Environmental Benefits of PET Recycling: LCA Study

Life cycle analyses have examined energy requirements and environmental impacts of producing both recycled PET (RPET) and new, virgin material (VPET). Results show that the production of RPET pellets has significantly better results for the environment than that of VPET in almost every impact category measured.

The Golden Design Rules

The GDR’s are voluntary commitments outline specific design changes aligned with globally recognized technical guidelines and targets laid out in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation?s New Plastic Economy Global Commitments.

RecyClass Online Tool

This tool assesses the recyclability of plastic packaging and shows to what extent it is suitable for recycling by rating it within a class system from A to F, and provides recommendations on where improvements to the package can be made.