Challenge Question 5.2: Does the packaging support your company’s branding and marketing requirements?

Answer Options:

YES – Packaging supports my company’s branding and marketing requirements.

NO – Packaging does NOT support my company’s branding and marketing requirements. Work with internal business unit to determine next steps.

DON’T KNOW – Determine if packaging support company’s branding and marketing requirements, then re-evaluate.   

Rationale: Packaging can add value to your products by promoting brand awareness and setting your company apart from the competition. Consumers don’t only buy products for their benefits and functionality, but they also purchase products from brands that align with their beliefs and values.  Your brand values can involve everything from your mission statement to the causes you support. Superior product packaging will represent these, attracting companies who share them. By having well-designed packaging with a clear message, can raise brand awareness and make it more likely customers turn to you in the future. 

Consider these questions when looking at how your packaging may help differentiate your product and your brand while still performing critical functions:

Summary:  Work with your internal marketing and communications departments to determine whether the proposed packaging supports your company’s branding and marketing requirements.

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