Challenge Question 5.1: Is the packaging compliant with canadian labelling regulations and related standards?

Answer Options:

YES – Packaging supports compliance with Canadian labelling regulations and related standards. 

NO – Packaging does NOT support compliance with Canadian labelling regulations and related standards.  Ensure packaging is in compliance, and re-evaluate.

DON’T KNOW – Determine if packaging is in compliance or not, then re-evaluate.  

Rationale: Labelling regulations in Canada comprise both basic and mandatory information requirements (such as product identification declaration, net quantity of content, dealer name and place of business, the location of label on the package, and accuracy of the information), which need to be followed to avoid non-compliance penalties.  Be sure to also consider food (nutritional information) versus non-food labelling, and check local labelling regulations if packaging is exported out of Canada, E.g., language and units of measure.

Summary:  Be aware that in February 2023 the Government of Canada published findings from its consultation on developing rules for recyclability and compostability labelling, and a federal plastics registry.  Next, the government intends to publish the proposed regulatory framework for labelling rules for public comment in spring 2023, and both the labelling and federal plastics registry, are targeted for publication in the Canada Gazette, Part I before the end of 2023.The Government of Canada will use the information received during the 2023 public comment period in the development of the final instruments. So more to come.

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