Challenge Question 4.1:  IS THE PACKAGING COST EFFECTIVE?  

Answer Options:

Rationale:  Virtually all companies across the plastics value chain want to do the right thing by making their packaging more circular and sustainable. However, even if all indications are positive that a new package type being considered will have favourable environmental impacts, the package will still need to have acceptable total costs and ROI before being implemented.  What is considered ‘acceptable’ is determined by each company’s internal financial requirements.

Summary:  Companies are therefore encouraged to calculate the total net costs (& overall return on investment (ROI), if possible) of the packaging structure you are considering using, and determine if the costs (& ROI) pass your company’s internal financial metrics.  Also evaluate how the total net costs (& ROI) of the proposed new package structure compares with the total net costs (& ROI) of the incumbent package you are looking to replace?

In ‘total costs’, be sure to include things like

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